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AVI-SPL on the importance of interactivity in hospitality

Continuing our hospitality online focus series, we turn next to integrators AVI-SPL and get the thoughts of SVP of sales Dale Bottcher.

Which technologies are you seeing increased demand for in hospitality venues?

Interactive products, particularly digital signage using interactive displays, large interactive displays/videowalls with collaboration software, and directed audio.

What do you think is the most exciting AV technology in hospitality at the moment?

Virtual reality – it is removing the boundaries and limits of technology and bringing an experience that more closely matches the one we experience in the physical space…it’s a natural experience.

To what extent are hospitality venues having to raise their game, technologically speaking, because of developments in consumer technology?

The game being raised is related more to this constant drive to take the customer experience to new levels. The consumer desires a more interactive, richer experience that has flexibility and can be self-driven. It needs to be intuitive and first use needs to inspire future use. It is a result of the media and technology they have at their fingertips each and every day in their home and for personal use.

In hospitality projects, what factors are most commonly overlooked?

Intuitiveness – technology should not be noticed the experience should be able to stand alone. Ease of use and an intuitive UI is mandatory.

Tell us about a recent installation project that highlights AVI-SPL’s expertise in the hospitality sector.

We are working with a mobile electronics client on the deployment of flagship stores. The stores leverage large interactive videowalls that wrap the store. Vertical displays with custom content and zoned audio make the experience just awesome.