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Laser of lamp? Panasonic’s top tips on choosing your next projector

Michael Garwood 6 March 2018

Group manager for Panasonic visual systems Gareth Day gives his tips for end users choosing their next projector and why the newest and most expensive may not be the best option

Choosing a projector can be a difficult task. There are hundreds, possibly thousands available in the current market, each using different and fancy (but often meaningless to the user) tech terminologies and acronyms to describe its features and functionality.

It can be a little bit like choosing a toothpaste. This one sounds good because it offers a deep clean. Great, but hang on, this one has crystals. Crystals sound expensive so it must be good. But does it offer maximum whitening?

A fail safe option for some, maybe to go straight for what is the newest or most expensive, thinking it will be the best thing for them. But no environment is the same, and that is why we have projectors created for these varying locations and scenarios. So at Panasonic, we essentially ask our customers what it is they want out of their projector, so we can advise and direct them appropriately. 

Here are his top four tips: 

1. The first question we always ask our customers; What are they using their projector for? This is a big determinant on the size of the projector needed. It will also allow us to consider, the other factors related to their aesthetics, design and build.

2. When looking at the environment, this can determine the ambient light level of the area the projector will be displayed in. Our range of projectors allows for varying resolutions. Consideration of the content to be shown can define the level of resolution required which can range from low resolutions to higher resolutions such as Full HD and 4K+.

3. Where the projected image is being positioned in relation to the projection unit can result in the customer requiring interchangeable lenses. We offer projector ranges, which have optional lenses to allow for these flexible installations.

4. With Panasonic’s range of light sources to include Lamp, Hybrid and LED Laser, the choice between a lamp or laser projector can be determined by how long they want to use the projector. It is seen that laser profile is more advantageous due to its ability to work over an extended period of time of up to 20,000 hours, resulting in low maintenance and lower cost of ownership. Whereas if it is only going to be used a couple of hours a week, then a lamp projector will be sufficient enough.

Day concluded: “These are all points we wish our clients to consider before acquiring a new projector, as we feel it is our duty to provide the best advice we can to support and advise our customers to find the projector best suited to their needs.”

For more information on Panasonic’s range of projectors, please click here 

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