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Lifesize Plans brings building plans to life with Panasonic

Dublin-based AV specialists Think worked with Panasonic Connect to install eleven PT-RTZ990 1-Chip DLP projectors across Lifesize Plans' showroom to enable clients to view their home through 1:1 scale building plans taken from architect drawings, before it is built

Lifesize Plans, creators of the world’s first patented 1:1 scale walkthrough building experience, has partnered with Panasonic and Dublin-based AV specialists, Think, to install 11 PT-RTZ990 1-Chip DLP projectors across its showroom, enabling people to view their home through 1:1 scale building plans taken from architect drawings, before it is built.

Creating a fully immersive experience to showcase a house before it is built requires reliable technology that delivers a high-quality and vivid projection. As such, Lifesize Plans opted for Panasonic’s projection technology to visualise building plans on a 1:1 scale, delivering up to 10,000lm of brightness, providing an immersive experience of the pre-built home.

Lifesize Plans has used Panasonic’s Geometry Manager Pro software to adjust the multiple projections with edge blending of up to 100 images, colour matching, and digital image enlargement (up to x10 zoom), which enables plans to be seamlessly projected across the 60,000 ft2 showroom floor.

With ceilings that are six metres high, it was critical that Lifesize Plans selected projectors that require minimum maintenance and are easy to install. The lightweight chassis design of the PT-RZ990 makes this possible, offering 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, with lasting brightness and colour uniformity. The PT-RZ990 series of projectors feature a hermetically sealed optical engine and heat-pump based filter-less cooling design. This keeps the projectors at the optimum temperature, and prevents dust ingress, especially when objects are being positioned on the showroom floor, to accompany the projection. 

Panasonic’s Smart Projector Control mobile application enables Lifesize Plans to remotely manage the projectors from the ground. This includes the deployment of automatic lens focus, switch inputs, and monitor projection status – and adjust the projected images according to the size of the house.

“We test drive cars before we buy them, and a home is a much bigger investment,” said  Emma O’Donoghue, director at Lifesize Plans. “By projecting architectural plans on a life-size scale, we create immersive experiences where people walk through their homes before they build them. To make this a reality we needed the best visual quality delivered by Panasonic projectors.”