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ViewSonic announces worldwide Instagram photo campaign

A Year of Colours creates a digital hub for creators to exchange artwork

ViewSonic has launched a worldwide colourPro campaign – ‘A Year of Colours’ – from February 1 to November 30, 2021. Each month participants are invited to post their photographs to the colourPro Instagram account using the hashtag #MyVisionPrecisely. The campaign aims to create a digital hub for creators to showcase their work and become part of a larger community of photographers, designers and artists. Moreover, ViewSonic will evaluate the artwork and announce a winner on every 15th of the month to give away a colourPro VP2785-2K professional display.

“Our once serene and sane lives have been disrupted by the pandemic for far too long, with the announcement of our very first yearlong campaign, ‘A Year of Colours’, we hope to shed a ray of sunshine through this big dreary cloud and paint this brand-new year with beautiful colours,” said Oscar Lin, head of the monitor business unit at ViewSonic. “Our purpose is to encourage people from all over the world to combine their imagination with the beauty of colours and shape our Instagram into a hub of positivity energy and inspiration. We are looking forward to seeing unique artwork by creators from all over the world.”

This year, the colourPro Instagram account will be colour coordinated by focusing on one colour and building the feed around it each month. All colours have been chosen for a specific reason, such as holidays or seasons associated with the month.  At the end of 2021, audiences’ favourite artwork will be revealed publicly as well.

To show examples of how to participate in the campaign, January and February are represented as trial run months. Renee Robyn, a renowned photographer and digital artist from the United States, is January’s honoured guest. She is frequently featured on colourPro’s Instagram stories, and her artwork related to the January colour, ‘colourPro Blue’, is also presented on colourPro’s Instagram account; while the February colour resonates with one of Pantone’s 2021 colours of the year, ‘Illuminating Yellow’, which is associated with optimism and vivacity.