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Videotel Digital’s WAVE sensor now interacts with its media players

Allows viewers to interact with a kiosk or touchscreen without fear of contamination

Videotel Digital, US manufacturer of industrial grade digital signage media players, and touchless interactive solutions, has enhanced its touchless WAVE solution to seamlessly integrate with both its VP71XD and VP90 interactive media players.

WAVE, a proximity sensor that requires no direct line of sight, was originally designed to trigger a video/image content change with a looped message meant to address an active viewer when approaching the screen. Now, when incorporated with Videotel Digital’s interactive media players, WAVE can also allow an active viewer to interact with a kiosk or touchscreen without fear of contamination.

“Any customer-facing business can now create informative interactive displays that allow customers to search for what they need without the need without fear of contamination,” explained Lisa Schneider, Videotel Digital’s EVP of marketing and sales. “Videotel Digital’s technology offers a way to engage and educate customers touchlessly. WAVE is really ideal for all types of interactive displays and kiosks where you want to provide a unique and safe touchless or contactless alternative.”