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The heart of the matter

Pulse Cinemas isn’t your regular kind of residential AV distributor. Rob Lane investigates the company’s unique approach to home cinema.

Pulse Cinemas has a unique approach to residential AV distribution. Based in a beautiful showroom in Stansted Essex, managing director Mike Beatty, director Kapes Patel and their team of supporting staff have pulled together a model that’s become, according to Beatty, ‘the blueprint’ for high end audio visual distribution.

The showroom (one of the cinema rooms, with a Moroccan theme, is pictured here, bottom right) is an Aladdin’s cave for a host of imported European, American and Canadian brands, and is also a location for dealer/installers to bring their clients: those looking for the very best in performance, whilst being uncompromising when it comes to design.

The company goes to “gargantuan efforts” to look after its supporting dealers, according to Beatty, and it has something of an ace up its sleeve: a “visualisation” process that ensures that clients are able to view how their cinema design will ultimately look.

Family experience
But first, the dealer, before getting into too many detailed conversations about final requirements, invites the client and their family to experience all that’s on offer at Pulse Cinemas.

“After tea and food is served upon request, the fun starts and the family begin their journey around this sumptuous space,” explains Beatty. “It’s important that every element is experienced, as often the clients are unaware of the possibilities open to them.”

Lighting control, window shading, control systems, etc: Beatty is keen to demonstrate how effectively a whole house AV system can bring effortless ease into what is in reality a “complicated business”.

“Ensuring the family’s security and feeling of personal calm and assurance is paramount and a subject sometimes ignored by many,” he says. “Pulse and our supportive dealers/installers come together to ensure visiting clients feel instantly at ease. Confidence in security adds to the immediate feeling of calm when a client visits.”

Ultimate experience
All of this before the clients get to experience the main event: enjoying one of the cinema demonstration rooms, offering a variety of options.

Dedicated spaces for those wanting the ultimate cinema escape; multipurpose living environments like the Moroccan themed room that hide the technology until the client hits the remote: Pulse is determined to show home cinema is a variety of scenarios.

Beatty is keen to express his personal love of this space, pointing out how many London homes were unable to house a dedicated cinema.

“Dual purpose environments that allow the client to enjoy the very latest design concepts, whilst insisting on uncompromising performance is certainly a trend that’s gathering pace,” he says. “Especially during lockdown where folk have suddenly realised the importance of a beautifully designed home.”

Designer cinemas
Once they’ve experienced one or more of Pulse Cinemas’ four showrooms (or maybe the one within the Minotti Italian furniture showroom in central London or at The Sofa and Chair Company near Ealing, West London), the client takes time to consider his or her options, and Beatty is keen to encourage them to either employ the services of a designer, or create their own mood board. This gives both the dealer and Pulse an opportunity to have photo-realistic renders produced (pictured here), allowing the client to visualise the finished project before a speaker has been unboxed.

“I would absolutely recommend bringing in a designer, but ensuring they are massively experienced and sympathetic to the needs of audio visual equipment in the home,” says Beatty. “We recommend a few professionals that our dealers have worked with in the past The render example, pictured here, was a collaboration between Pulse, the dealer/installer and Rebecca Edmunds, Director at RK Signature Interiors.”