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Sennheiser joins BIMobject architectural content platform

Key products such as TeamConnect Ceiling 2 mike available as 2D and 3D renders

Sennheiser has joined the BIMobject content platform for architects and the building product manufacturing industry, making key products such as TeamConnect Ceiling 2 conferencing microphone available as 2D and 3D objects for design and CAD solutions.

Sennheiser’s BIM (Building Information Modelling) files also provide comprehensive product data, enabling architects, construction companies, and system integrators to better specify, plan, visualise and maintain Sennheiser products throughout the lifecycle of a building. SpeechLine DW, the ew G4 microphone series and MobileConnect assistive listening solution are also available within the BIMobject catalogue.

A global industry standard platform used by architects and the building product manufacturing industry, BIMobject provides CAD and BIM data, including geometrically correct and true-to-life objects. In architectural and engineering applications, these standardised data files save time and enable more efficient planning, design, and creation of digital designs.

“Whether it’s ensuring that people on site can easily communicate with remote customers or colleagues or that everyone in an auditorium can clearly hear the speaker, Sennheiser is committed to bringing an effortless experience of superior audio to everyone,” commented Kai Tossing, Head of Product Management, Business Communication at Sennheiser. “The inclusion of our products in BIMobject will make it easier for architects, planners and integrators to create work and educational environments where outstanding Sennheiser audio comes built in.”

With the creation of Sennheiser products as BIM objects, an architect or system integrator can now easily search for relevant audio solutions from the cloud-based BIMobject catalog. They can view detailed product information and place geometrically correct models of the product straight into their designs. For example, Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Ceiling 2 can be placed into a CAD room design, viewed on 2D plans or as a realistic 3D render, showing immediately how the ceiling mounted beamforming microphone can help to free up space while offering minimal disruption to room aesthetics.