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Medialon’s CueMaster app controls any device

CueMaster will be showing its latest iPad app at ISE 2012. The app is designed to simplify the process of connecting an ipad to AV equipment by eliminating the need for PC programming.

Medialon is presenting CueMaster, its new iPad App, which is designed to control any AV equipment without the need for PC programming.

CueMaster is a multi-touch App that integrates Medialon’s Show Control with the interface of an iPad. Users will be able to select a device and a command, and then apply it to a button. Several commands can be applied to the same button if required.

A range of pre-existing button/slider/display combinations, designed by show operators, allows users to create an unlimited number of pages to organise commands and macros. A designated cue button also allows sequential execution of cue lists each time it is hit, and random selection in the cue list is also possible.

It is connectable via Wi-Fi or wire, and can control lighting and audio consoles, audio processors, video and media servers, lighting fixtures, and special effects. It provides two serial ports, one MIDI in/out, TCP/IP, one DMX output, and four I/Os.

Medialon is also showing Manager Kiosk software, designed for interactive kiosk applications, and to make programming more straightforward. Manager Kiosk allows user interfaces to be built using buttons, sliders, text displays, gauges, lists and text entry fields, as well as embedded media or video playback without being a C++ or Adobe Flash programmer.

Features include a programmable web browser, controllable media playback, and using the Medialon On Network’ protocol users can link and synchronise kiosk applications with other Medialon controllers.
Stand: 7P210