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Maverick and GPA join forces to support urgent aid for Ukraine

The Maverick Miles challenge focuses on a collective mission to walk the 24,901 miles around the world

Maverick AV Solutions has announced a partnership with global AV integrator GPA, to support the aid efforts in Ukraine.

The Maverick Miles challenge, which takes place over the next two months, focuses on a collective mission to walk the 24,901 miles around the world. All fundraising efforts will be allocated between immediate crisis needs, and hopefully rebuilding and recovery effort once the war is over.

“At this moment we are not the AV/UC industry, we are just people in a global community supporting people in desperate circumstances and unimaginable needs,” said Joel Chimoindes, VP Maverick AV Solutions Europe. “Our Maverick offices span 16 countries so we are in a great position to fundraise to help this vital cause. We are inviting manufacturers, integrators, consultants and the whole industry to join the challenge and create dedicated groups within our fundraising page, and to help us in any way they can.”

Byron Tarry, CEO GPA, added: “Having connected emotionally to something beyond a faceless population many borders or oceans away, there is a level of helplessness that one can feel in terms of how to do ‘something’ impactful. Through the work we all do everyday within GPA and Maverick, we know we can achieve far more as a united global community than as individuals, and thereby how collectively we can amplify how we might support the Ukrainians, and our industry peers and friends within Ukraine specifically.”

Since the beginning of the appeal the GPA Global Relief Fund has raised €24,546, and last week had their first successful 5 tonne shipment of medical supplies, food and emergency rations. With the Maverick partnership now announced, it is hoped that more funds can now be directly allocated to immediate crisis needs.

To donate to the appeal or to take part in the challenge please visit: