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Collaboration and interactivity on display from LG

New 105in and 98in interactive displays, HDBaseT and OPS integration devices and interactive menu board systems are highlights on LG’s ISE 2015 stand, which focuses on individual market sectors and offers lots of hands-on interactivity.

Its biggest display on showo is a 15,360 x 8,640 pixel unit made up of four 98in Ultra HD units. The edge-lit LED displays offer improved brightness and detail, enhanced by LG’s IPS panel technology. The large display presents life-size images of people and products, for a more immersive experience.

LG is embracing HDBaseT and OPS connectivity via integration kits for existing displays. This eliminates excess cabling and additional units such as media players to create self-contained units.

The company is working with digital media agency Beaver Group at ISE 2015 to present interactive menu systems in the QSR Zone. Visitors can connect mobile devices to the 55in videowall displays to change the content in real-time. This is ideal for quickly updating menus or offers, with a connection to the PoS system for tangible evaluation about the success of promotions.

The new 105in and 98in screens include cross-platform BYOD capability (Windows, iOS and Android). Designed for collaborative spaces, they are an alternative to projection, eliminating shadowing and increasing lifespan from the average 20,000 hours of a projector to 50,000.

Within the Retail section, key products include the 55in transflective IPS videowall panel with a 3.5mm bezel. It uses LG’s transflective technology, which embraces natural sunlight, reflecting its light out through the LCD panel, to enhance the native brightness of the backlight LEDs and reduce power consumption.

LG’s transparent LED display features with a 55in panel recessed into the door of a refrigeration unit. This has two clear sheets of glass surrounded by edge-lit LEDs, and allows an amalgamation of real products and overlaid graphics.

Stand: 11-K75