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Using digital signage in universities to effectively communicate in a post-coronavirus era

When life resumes on the university campus, it is likely that a ‘new normal’ will be in place for quite some time. With ongoing social distancing restrictions, the need to manage reduced class sizes, and providing support for health and wellbeing as top priorities, effectively communicating with students and staff quickly and clearly across the campus will be even more essential. And one of the most effective and growing mediums for this is undoubtedly digital signage.

With proper planning, digital signage can have a positive impact when suitably placed and regularly updated with clear, relevant, and engaging content. Eye-catching graphics and text, complemented by videos or live TV, can be displayed on screens in reception areas, common areas, cafeterias, lecture halls, libraries, labs, hallways and everywhere in-between. And in a post Covid-19 era, health and safety messages, wayfinding and student flow management will also need to be constantly and widely communicated. 

Digital signage is equally effective for a wider range of content, including meeting room schedules, sport events, menu boards, exam timetables and more. Integrating seamlessly with existing campus networks, administrators can centrally control the information on display, with the flexibility to update content on the go and in real time. 

Exterity’s intuitive digital signage application, ArtioSign, makes it easy for universities to create, schedule and publish impactful campus-wide communications. Live TV and video can be incorporated into signage screens to strengthen overall communications strategy as well as create revenue generation opportunities with sponsored content and approved on-campus advertising. We also offer a signage template Design Service to help get you started.

Exterity Digital Signage and IPTV solutions are deployed in leading higher education establishments around the world, from the University of Bath to the New England Institute of Technology. Read more here.