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Engaging with innovation

Following the company’s move to Greenwich, London, and the reboot of its Flux Innovation Lounge, Engage Works’ founder and group CEO, Steve Blyth, answers our questions on company ethos, Covid and more…

What’s Engage’s ethos?
To use our affinity, insight and expertise, with every one of our partners and clients, with the intention of being the world’s most innovative and agile experiential agency!

For us innovation should drive everything we do. It’s not just about the bleeding-edge innovation in technology we develop for our clients, it should also permeate through everything we do from a day to day perspective; always new ways of seeing and doing. We constantly look at ways we can do things better across the business, internally and externally to provide the best service and relationships with our clients, partners and collaborators.

You work closely with some big-hitters in London and Dubai. What would you say were your main offers?
We always start at the beginning. That seems obvious, but we work really closely with our clients, right from a project’s inception, to tease out what’s important in their story. Who is their target audience, what do they know and feel now and what do we want them to know and how do we want them to feel. The bit in the middle is where Engage Works can move the needle. This tends to manifest itself in immersive storytelling for museums, brands or cultural destinations, sales and marking suites and turnkey, fully bespoke, integrated software, hardware and build solutions.

The move to Greenwich has coincided with the relaunch of your popular Flux Innovation Lounge. Tell us more!
Flux is our ‘home of the new’. It’s our space where we showcase, in real time, and in a very hands-on way, some of the things we can deliver for our clients. We love to host workshops with prospective clients to show them how we could work together, as well as, catch-ups with rostered clients to constantly review and renew the things we do for them.

We are also very encouraging of our clients coming to use the space with their clients. For us it should feel like a physical innovation hub, not just for us, but for the industry as a whole.

The Greenwich Design District felt like the perfect location for this as a place that shared our ethos.

How was Covid for Engage Works?
Tough, as it was for a lot of industries. We were in the business of creating things that people visited, and people stopped visiting things! Projects were cancelled or delayed, but you adapt!

We have bespoke software tools, for people to connect remotely, to drive workshops and meaningful meetings in far more comprehensive ways. These proved successful for us in a time when people were working away from the office.

We are also very fortunate to have some very supportive, rostered clients that stuck with us.

The industry is still coming back, but we are picking up new and exciting projects meaning things are very much on the up for us.

Engage has always been big on tech – integrating into Flux. What technologies excite you at the moment?
I think for us it’s about how we combine new things together to create experiences that truly blow people away.

There are very exciting things happening with haptics, brainwave controls and AR, but for us it’s about starting with our ideas for what we want to create first and then finding the tech that can support that vision.

What are your plans for the company going forward?
Big! Our London HQ is growing at a rate of knots, as we bolster our creative and production departments, to support new contract wins.

We will also be reinforcing our Dubai office to support new projects and bids in the middle east. Saudi and the UAE are a big focus of our game plan, and we need to have the right team there to support our ambitions and existing clients there.

Our business plan highlights strategic partnering as top of the list. Over the coming months we will continue to augment our relationships with the right partners in build, content, software and beyond, globally, to construct the right team for bids and to deliver projects. We have a growing bunch of very talented people at Engage, and we love working around the world with new people that share our vision to deliver world class projects. It’s the best part of the job!