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Zero Creative launches ‘brightest’ glasses-free 3D 46in display

The XYZ46ZL4 is said to deliver up to 3,000 nits, making it eight times brighter than other 3D displays currently available.

3D company Zero Creative has launched what the company claims is the world’s brightest glasses-free 3D display. Said to be ideal for high attention indoor and outdoor advertising using 3D without any glasses, the new XYZ46ZL4 display delivers brightness of 2,500 to 3,000 nits (cd/m2), which Zero Creative says is up to eight times more than other solutions in the market.

The new display can be used with Zero Creative’s 3DZignage platform, a scalable software solution to run 3D advertising/marketing networks using the power of glasses-free 3D. Also, the company offers custom 3D campaigns, combining 3D and gesture-based interaction without any touch, as recently used by Adidas and Nike.

“Current digital signage (DOOH) solutions almost all still use traditional 2D displays and poor content,” said Jean-Pierre van Maasakker, CEO of Zero Creative. “This way, they are more and more losing the attention of the target audience. Introducing this new level of extreme brightness combined with glasses-free 3D image is a giant step forward for the DOOH market. This new type of innovative high performance XYZ 3D Displays will simply command attention of anyone near.”

Zero Creative is expecting to launch a similar high brightness XYZ 3D Display in the larger 55in size later this year.