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Yamaha UC unveils new reseller partner program to help customers stand out and save money

Program offers sales, marketing, and technical support to drive new opportunities and growth for Yamaha UC partners

Yamaha Unified Communications has announced a new channel partner program for its reseller partners, providing a host of exclusive benefits designed to give them an extra cutting edge in the market and stand out from their competitors.

The program, which requires registration (open now). is available to authorised Yamaha Unified Communication partners in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. 

Program members that work directly with Yamaha UC will have access to critical tools, resources, and expertise designed to increase business recognition and growth. 

“With this new program available to our UC partners, they will be able to leverage the Yamaha name to differentiate their business from the competition while tapping into the best tools and resources that will help build their knowledge, grow their business quickly, and fast-track their ROI in the growing UC field.” 

Three levels 

The Yamaha UC Global Partner Program is made up of three different levels of partnerships, each offering different benefits. These include Basic, Emerging, and Prime.

Basic level provides dealer registration, demo program, special discounts, welcome kit, product training, and post-sales technical support. Partners achieving Emerging and Prime levels are recognised as “Club Partners,” and given volume incentive rebates and additional marketing support to increase customer base and sales opportunities including market development funds. 

With these funds, partners can grow their sales presence and use funds for online and print advertising; social opportunities such as tradeshows, lunch and learns, roundtables, and other events; whitepapers or other content assets; webinars; or microsite developments. 

To join Yamaha UC Global Partner Program and gain access to an assortment of sales and marketing resources designed to successfully represent and recommend Yamaha Unified Communications, register at the partner portal.