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Yamaha shines light on new approach to home audio

Yamaha has launched its latest innovation in residential audio - this time with the added feature of lighting incorporated into the device.

Yamaha claims to have taken a more sophisticated approach to home audio with the release of Relit, a device which combines the company’s audio expertise with a lighting system.

The company describes the design concept as an audio-visual device which, when positioned close to a wall, would produce exceptional high quality audio through an atmospheric aura of light and shadows.

The wireless- and Bluetooth-compatible Relit can be operated via apps that can control music streaming as well as the lighting settings. It also features a ‘smart’ timer for sleep and playback modes.

The slimline Redit is made from metal and fabric with the intention of providing the centerpiece for a room.

The positioning of the speakers within Relit the unit is said to produce truly impressive, room-filling sound.