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Yamaha hybrid system on budget in People’s Temple ‘cineteatro’

Yamaha Commercial Installation Solutions (CIS) products have been included in a ‘hybrid’ system for a new ‘cineteatro’ (cinema and theatre) at the Tempio del Popolo (People’s Temple), in Policastro Bussentino, south-west Italy.

Angelo Auleta of audio installers, Disc Up Production, had to design a system that delivered high quality cineteatro sound, on an extremely limited budget, as the developer only seriously considered the audio system in the final phase of construction.

“The available budget meant that we had to make an important decision about how to deliver the best possible audio quality, but where we could compromise in terms of equipment,” said Auleta.

Yamaha provided the solution, allowing Disc Up to provide a high quality theatre system, which also delivers the main cinema sound, with full system control and processing by an MTX3 matrix processor. The quality of the main system meant Disc Up was able to use low-price, third party loudspeakers for the cinema surround element, ensuring that the overall project came in on budget.

The Yamaha equipment includes a pair of IF2115/95 loudspeakers for the main L-R sound, a centre IF2115/AS and two IS1218 subs. The system is powered by two PC9501N and one PC2001N power amplifier, with control and routing by the MTX3. An MG16XU mixer is included for live performances and background music, while a DCP1V4S wall panel provides overall control.

The two IS1218 subs are flown above the spectators, level with the sixth row of the venue’s raked seating and aimed downwards. This provides a very consistent low frequency sound throughout the auditorium and also keeps the subs out of sight of the audience.

“Disc Up and the Tempio del Popolo staff have been surprised and impressed by the power and quality of the Yamaha speakers,” stated Wouter ‘Tony’ Verkuijl of Yamaha Music Europe’s Italy branch. “It is a large auditorium and in both theatre and cinema modes the system delivers great consistency, clarity and punch.”

The combination of the MTX3 and DCP1V4S allows the system to be completely reconfigured at the touch of a button, an important factor in regional venues, allowing the system to be operated by non-technical people.

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