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Yamaha expands CIS range with new speakers and amps

Yamaha has expanded it’s Commercial Installation Solutions (CIS) range with the new VXS3 surface mount loudspeakers, EN54-24 Certified VXC series ceiling loudspeakers, and MA2120 and PA2120 amplifiers.

The VXS3 is designed for small to mid-sized installations with a focus on background music (BGM) applications including restaurants, cafes and retail stores. It offers additional flexibility for a wide range of environments, with a range that has been tuned specifically to deliver high quality music playback and consistent coverage even at low volume levels.

Two variations are provided for different installation requirements: the VXS3F (pictured) and VXS3FW (white finish) are low impedance models, ideal for smaller spaces that can be serviced by a small number of speakers. The VXS3FT and VXS3FTW are high impedance models, suited to areas requiring a larger number of speakers.

In addition, Yamaha has announced the release of four low profile VXC Series F models; VXC3F, VXC3FW, VXC5F and VXC5FW, which are all now available in VA versions and meet European EN54-24 voice alarm requirements.

The tuning allows the VXC series to deliver natural reproduction of both music and voices, therefore the new VA models provide high-quality BGM during normal use, as well as clarity for emergency announcements.

Alongside the new loudspeakers, Yamaha has further expanded the CIS range with the MA2120 and PA2120 mixer and power amplifiers.

The new MA2120 and PA2120 (pictured) add more power and flexible features to the existing MA/PA amplifier range, which has proved ideal for high-quality audio systems that can be configured quickly, with no need for software control.

The MA2120 mixer amplifier features six mic/line inputs and two stereo inputs with input mixing capability. The mic inputs feature 24V capability, with inputs five and six able to be used as MONO SUM inputs. Onboard DSP functions add flexibility to accommodate a wider range of applications.

The MA2120 also features stereo source EQ with an enhancer function for inputs seven and eight, output EQ for each of the two output channels, selectable HPF/LPF settings and optimised EQ presets for VXS/VXC speakers and VXS subwoofers.

The MA2120 and PA2120 are both capable of controlling input sources for applications with two different zones, such as a retail store with two floors or a restaurant with a seating area and separate bar area. For larger spaces, an additional PA2120 can be added to expand the system and accommodate additional zones.

“We are very pleased to announce the addition of these new MA/PA power amplifier models to our acclaimed CIS line-up,” said Ken Hiraoka, Yamaha Pro Audio department manager. “With the addition of these and the new CIS series loudspeakers that we are also launching, Yamaha can provide both end users and installers with a broader range of options to easily configure a high-quality sound system and create the commercial atmosphere that best suits their vision.”

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