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Yamaha enters huddle room with Revolabs collaboration

Yamaha has launched the CS-700 collaboration system, developed in combination with Revolabs and designed specifically for huddle rooms and small meeting rooms.

“The Yamaha CS-700 is the first of many solutions that combine the market expertise of Revolabs with the product expertise of Yamaha to deliver excellent audio, video, and collaboration capabilities,” said Yoshi Tsugawa, director, Yamaha commercial audio department. “The CS-700 is the first product in this initiative to demonstrate Yamaha’s commitment to the business collaboration market and improving the meeting experience at every level.”

Yamaha entered the conferencing market in 2006 with its offering of microphone and speaker systems, before acquiring Revolabs in 2014.

The Yamaha CS-700 brings together audio, video, and collaboration capabilities in a wall-mounted system suited to meetings of between four and seven participants. The system combines Revolabs’ expertise in microphone technology, Yamaha’s loudspeaker engineering, and new video and screen sharing capabilities.

The CS-700 boasts a beamforming microphone array, which is optimised for a distance of 3m wall to wall. In addition, four speaker elements provide audio coverage for all the participants in the room. Through the integrated USB port, the CS-700 is ready to connect to the organisation’s chosen unified communications platform, such as Microsoft Skype for Business, Cisco Spark, GoToConference, Google Chromebox for Meetings, Vidyo, WebEx, Zoom, BlueJeans, and many others. The unit’s wide-angle video camera captures all meeting participants in the room, even those close to the camera. The optical solution ensures a high ‘pixel-per-face’ resolution necessary for participants to recognise nuanced facial expressions that are vital to effective meetings.

During the launch event, Yamaha also reiterated its commitment to the industry with additional products aimed at larger spaces in development.