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Yamaha CIS system selected for Italian beach install

Bazzano Beach bar and restaurant, located in the tourist resort of Sperlonga, between Roma and Napoli, has upgraded to a Yamaha Commercial Installation Solutions (CIS) series audio system to meet the various requirements of the beach venue while not disturbing the neighbours.

Its audio system consists of fixed loudspeakers for the venue’s restaurant, terrace and the beach in front of the building, plus a movable dance system which covers a bigger area of the beach for the summer weekend events Spiaggia Italiana, which features DJ sets and live performances.

“With previous systems, Bazzano Beach suffered with an inability to control the sound tightly enough and had dance system subwoofers which devastated the restaurant when they were at the right volume for the beach!” said Wouter ‘Tony’ Verkuijl of Yamaha Music Europe’s Italy branch.

The solution was a complete CIS audio system, supplied and installed by Sperlonga-based Remix Sound. Eight VXS8 and two VXS10S loudspeakers cover the restaurant, terrace and beach immediately in front of the building, driven by a pair of XMV4280 multi-channel power amplifiers.

The dance system comprises four active DSR215 full-range loudspeakers and six DXS18 subs. Uniquely for subs at this price point, the DSX18 features a cardioid mode which, when a pair is used, effectively decreases sound pressure at the sides and back, while increasing the output towards the front, where it is needed. An MGP12X mixer manages the input channels for DJ sets and live performance.

To provide maximum control, the system is divided into 11 zones and is controlled by an MTX5-D matrix processor. The MTX5-D manages the remote control of the system via Yamaha’s Wireless DCP app, limits the maximum volume of all loudspeakers and manages inputs from an RX-V577 AV receiver and an announcement microphone.

Used for letting customers on the beach or terrace know that their table is ready, when this microphone is used the MTX5-D’s onboard ducker automatically reduces the volume of the music in all zones except the restaurant.

The MTX5-D is also used to precisely control the onboard DSP of the DXS18s, complementing the loudspeakers cardioid mode and keeping unwanted bass frequencies to a minimum behind and to the sides of the subs. DCP1V4S and DCP4V4S wall-mounted controllers also provide instantly-accessible local volume and mute controls.

“The sound quality is very high in the restaurant, terrace and on the beach, with plenty of headroom,” said Remix Sound’s Riccardo de Simone. “The DSR-based dance system is very powerful, but the control provided by the MTX5-D and cardioid placement of the subs means that the sound of the entire system is very well contained.”

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