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Yamaha brings zoned audio to B-Amsterdam restaurant

Bureau, a new top floor restaurant at converted multipurpose space, B-Amsterdam, has installed a zoned Yamaha CIS system for background music, presentations and DJ sets.

Opened in 2015, B-Amsterdam turned the city’s old 40,000sqm IBM-building into an imaginative multipurpose office, work and events space for small enterprises and sole traders. The project proved so successful that it now covers three separate buildings.

The building’s original conversion included the installation of a Dante audio network throughout. Designed and installed by Harmen van ‘t Loo of systems integrator Motiondezign, the audio specification included a Yamaha CIS system in a ground floor meeting area, with several meeting rooms also equipped with CIS sound reinforcement systems.

Bureau includes an additional CIS audio system controlled by a DCP4V4S surface-mounted panel, the four zone system covers the dining area, an informal seated/club area, a private dining room and the washrooms. It includes 12 VXS8 loudspeakers to cover the main restaurant/club areas, eight VXS5 for the private dining room and four VXC5F ceiling units for the washrooms. The system is managed and powered by an MTX5-D matrix mixer with XMV8280-D power amplifier.

The system is linked to the rest of the building via the Dante network and an SWP1 network switch, allowing background music, presentations and performances in Bureau to be broadcast to the rest of the building and vice versa. It also allows announcements in other areas to be heard in Bureau.

Connection panels and instantly-recallable system presets mean extra DXS15 subs can be quickly and easily added to the system for DJ performances.