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Xtreme Media wayfinding looking for European deployment

Having ‘revolutionised’ digital signage in India with its out of the box solutions, Xtreme Media is aiming for the European market at ISE. Xtreme Media digital signage is available on Windows, Android and system-on-chip platforms, making it one of the most compatible DS solutions, says the company.

As content is an integral part of the success of digital signage, Xtreme Media provides over 100 ready to use templates suitable for a variety of industries and applications. It offers its own range of Android apps called Play, offering three versions of media players suitable for all budgets and applications. For more customised requirements, the company also offer a tailoring service, where digital signage solution is tailored as per the client’s requirements.

Xtreme Media is also showcasing 3D interactive wayfinding and indoor GPS powered by beacon. Intended for shopping malls, college campuses, exhibition centres, hospitals, corporate parks and similar locations, interactive wayfinders available in both 2D and 3D aim to guide the visitor to the right destination. Beacon indoor GPS meanwhile is a mobile app solution for users to navigate in indoor venues where GPS signals are not available. Powered by Bluetooth devices, it could be described as ‘Google Maps for indoors’.

Queue management and meeting management solutions are also being showcased at ISE.

Stand: 8-A110