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World Cup stadiums – extra pictures

Some additional pictures from Installation Europe's World Cup stadium trip

Some additional pictures from Installation Europe’s World Cup stadium trip. For the main Solutions story, click here.

South Africa may not be ready, but we are… Prosound’s Grant Scott is not disheartened by the newspaper headlines

Inside Soccer City. One unexpected problem encountered by Prosound is that the gap above these terraces between the bowl and the concourse was originally supposed to be closed. Open, sound can leak out from the bowl, bounce around the concourse and then go back into the bowl.

A large outdoor LED screen at a casino – Tuscany meets Las Vegas meets South Africa

At Loftus: Oliver Sahm, EVI Audio’s go-to guy for stadiums, and Helmut Seidl, marketing guru and photographer extraordinaire

Our hosts: Prosound’s Grant Scott (head systems engineer) and Mark Malherbe (technical director). Thank you, guys – nothing was too much trouble for you

Dynacord horn speakers in the concourses at Loftus

When you can’t install a ceiling speaker into a concrete ceiling… Prosound designed this special enclosure for RCF speakers at Loftus

Cape Town Stadium, alias Green Point. Wonderful location – Table Mountain on one side, coast on the other

What you can’t bring into Cape Town stadium – if you want to film your dog smoking a cigarette under an umbrella while holding a tribal shield, you’d better go somewhere else. And don’t bring any footballs, either…

See that little speck in the centre of the picture near the top? That’s a maintenance man. As I recall, he was wearing a harness…