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Helvar provides lighting control system for concept store

The White Company’s new concept store in Norwich has been fitted with a Helvar 910 router system to control each individual luminaire.

The White Company’s new concept store in Norwich has been fitted with a Helvar 910 router system to control each individual luminaire and enable staff to highlight certain items of furniture to coincide with promotions.

Helvar worked closely with LED luminaire specialist Reggiani to deliver a fully controllable lighting system. The 910 router system from Helvar allows the user to connect up to 64 DALI devices to each subnet to control each individual fitting. The element of unique control was made possible by the identification of each fitting via the Helvar Designer software. A preset level was then programmed into an automated scene recall function. The program was configured so that the lighting designer and client could request a fitting, out of around 250, and Helvar could point towards that particular device within the software and set the required level accordingly.

Helvar implemented an auto schedule lighting system to change lighting tones throughout the day with a local override facility to manually alter the lighting at any point. The staircase area was fitted with tuneable white lighting, with the remainder of the installation was lit with dimmable 3000k high cri luminaires.

Stuart Gaunt, head of technical specification for Reggiani Lighting commented: “In order to create a calm and inviting environment in which shoppers could browse the store at their leisure, it was decided that the lighting should match that of the home as closely as possible.

“Four lighting scenes were created, two automatic and two manually selectable. This was made simple due to the ease with which the perimeter lighting could be turned down whilst the more central lighting could be increased, simulating the natural lighting experienced at home. For a retailer, using a ‘reverse’ lighting system is quite unusual but in this instance, met the brief perfectly.”

He continued: “Both the installation and programming stages ran incredibly smoothly, the controls were easy to integrate and Helvar was on hand at every step of the way ensuring the client was provided with all the training required to use the new lighting system effectively.”

Steve Andrews, project manager at Helvar commented: “In order to help eliminate any issues prior to the commissioning stage, we provided Reggiani with training on the user friendly ‘Toolbox’ software system, which enabled them to easily connect to the DALI circuits, ensuring correct installation without a hitch.”

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