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Weatherford enhances communication with ONELAN

Oilfield services company Weatherford is using ONELAN Net-Top boxes to improve communications across its operations in the UAE.

Weatherford has installed 39 ONELAN Net-Top boxes at premises in Abu Dhabi, with a further four Net-Top box subscriber units in other office locations across the UAE; all boxes are fed by a ONELAN NTB5500P publisher unit. Content from a ONELAN Net-Top box 510S is displayed on a 1 x 3 videowall in Weatherford’s foyer, carrying video content from sessions taking place in the rooms at the facility. Room bookings are completed through third-party software, with the output in an html file which is retrieved through the HTML Zone on the Net-Top box. Screens in the auditorium are driven by a Net-Top box in the simulation room; they present details of the session in progress and run videos to show how Weatherford’s products are used – for example in oil fields. In the lobby, 42in displays use ONELAN Net-Top 510S units to deliver digital signage content including information about the organisation and mission statements. Another 42in display installed in portrait mode displays greeting and welcome messages to visitors. All digital content is managed centrally by a member of staff.
Feedback about the new system has been positive with Weatherford already reporting an improvment in internal communications.