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VUE Audiotechnik loudspeakers specified for Irish installs

VUE Audiotechnik has partnered with Sounds Good Ltd for a number of audio installations across Ireland, having also become VUE’s first Irish distributor.

According to Sounds Good Ltd founder Ed Rice, the decision to represent VUE was down to “the sound and build quality, and value of VUE products, as well as the reputation of the people behind the brand. As of now, our sales have consisted primarily of VUE’s i-Class products, but we plan to run demos to increase brand awareness and interest.”

The first installation incorporating VUE loudspeakers was The Church Restaurant Skibereen, located in Skibereen, Co. Cork. The restaurant occupies what had been a Methodist Church, which held weekly services as recently as 2003. Following fire damage in 2006, the building has since been restored and transformed into a restaurant. The existing hi-fi type sound system was replaced with 10 VUE i-4.5s, supplemented with three is-26 Compact Surface-Mount Subwoofer Systems for enhanced low-frequency reproduction from an LKM Music and Media Server. VUE’s is-26 was designed to complement the i-4.5, and extends low-frequency response down to 48 Hz. Rice was able to interface the VUE speakers with the existing wiring infrastructure, minimising disruption to everyday business.

The Whitefriar Grill in Dublin required a background music system that would also be able to handle the restaurant’s ‘Disco Brunch’ events. Rice employed four i-4.5s and a single is-26a subwoofer. The i-4.5s are powered using Crown amplification while the is-26a features an onboard amplifier capable of delivering 220W continuous power. As a result, Rice was able to increase overall system power while maximising efficiency and taking advantage of the is-26a’s integrated variable crossover.

The third and final install was at Davey Davey Men’s Salon, also in Dublin, which had no existing sound system in place. Rice specified VUE i-4.5 Compact Full Range Systems, powered using Pioneer amplifiers for the salon’s digital background music system. The i-4.5’s 5in depth and surface-mount profile enabled the cabinets to be placed out of view from the clientele while still providing coverage throughout the men’s cutting and colouring rooms.

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