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‘The Church’ undergoes Void Acoustics audio overhaul

The Church nightclub in Denver, has completed a substantial overhaul of its sound system, with a new system installed by Void Acoustics’ US distributor Audio Integration Services. The new loudspeaker system consists of Incubus Air Array, Nexus 6, and StasysX Air products.

Audio Integration Services’ owner Matt Edgar, commented: “The room is very old, with a unique and tremendous layout. The church was built in 1865 and has housed a number of nightclubs and ideas in the last 20 years under the same successful owners. It badly needed an upgrade, and while other clubs in town had upgraded to some big systems, a recommendation brought them to contact Audio Integration Services.

“Void’s outstanding and completely unique looks, along with its sound quality, was really the deciding factor of this install. The new sound system had to make a strong visual and sonic impact.”

Senior Engineer Nathan Short, explained: “One of the major constraints we had on this project was the potential for bass frequencies to bleed into the neighbour’s condominiums. “However by careful positioning and arraying of the subs in the concrete bunker our simulations indicated a potential 30db reduction in low end at the alley behind the building where there had been major problems before, and this turned out to be exactly the case as measured.”

“Other than that, the commissioning of the system went really smoothly,” he continued. “We had the room tuned in no more than an hour. The preliminary work we put in really paid off, as the simulations showed we could get very strong energy and exceptionally even coverage on the dance floor area while dropping off nicely outside of that. The visual impression as you walk into the venue is astounding and sets it apart from any other.”