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Vivitek showcases four new projectors

Vivitek is launching four new projectors as part of its 5000 Series. The updated models offer an array of different features satisfy most application requirements.

Vivitek Corporation is showing its newly updated range of large venue projectors at Infocomm 2012, the 5000 series. 
The new products on display include the D8800; a high-performance projector; the D5180 and D5185 – two models that combine installer-friendly features; and the D5280U, which delivers improved image resolution and in-built versatility to make it suitable for different types of business, education and leisure applications. 
 The D8800 has a native WUXGA resolution (16:10) format, which allows for full HD resolution, and 8000 lumens output. Built using DLP technology, it offers broad connectivity across a range of formats including HDMI, DVI, BNC Components, RJ-45, HDSI in/out. Weighing in at approximately 25kg, the projector can be stacked up to four times if required. In addition, it allows projection onto curved surfaces to enable image warping and geometric correction.
The D5280U is a user-friendly and all-purpose projector for large venue applications. It has a range of features including; high WUXGA image resolution form excellent fidelity, a large screen area for simultaneous display of video conferencing, presentations, and other content, and a 4500 lumen output. With DLP and Brilliant Color technology onboard, the D5280U offers the level of performance and reliability.
 Also part of the Vivitek 5000 Series are the D5180HD and D5185HD – both first seen at ISE 2012. The D5185HD has edge blending functionality embedded to enable joining up to three D5185HD projectors to make an large and seamless projected image at a fraction. 
 The D5185HD includes software inside which blends and warps multiple projectors into a seamless multi-megapixel Windows desktop. This embedded edge blending function does not require a dedicated technician, a quick set up process enables smooth transitions between overlapping image edges as well as rectifies differences in brightness in order to create a homogeneous overall display. The Vivitek D5180HD and D5185HD offer full lens shift, convenient central lens position, interchangeable lens and extensive multimedia I/O connections.