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Vivitek launches NovoPRO wireless collaboration tool

Newly announced just before the ISE 2016, the NovoPRO from Vivitek is described as a powerful new wireless business collaboration tool. A step up from NovoConnect, the company says, it provides a new feature set to enable the sharing of visual content from any meeting participant wirelessly onto the main screen with just a few clicks. The platform is designed to ensure a top quality wireless experience, yet at a price/performance point that makes it easily affordable for any meeting room, boardroom or brainstorm space.

Featuring a quad core processor, the NovoPRO allows up to 64 devices to connect in client mode at any one time, while four can be actively projecting on a split screen, empowering users to share content with the group on the main display through its full mirroring capabilities. Its cross-operating system platform compatibility enables the NovoPRO to support all types of WiFi-enabled devices including iPads and iPhones and their Android equivalents, alongside Chromebooks, laptops and all types of desktop PC.

The NovoPRO has the ability to output native UHD resolution (3840 x 2160) content, as well as stream 1080p video content up to 60 frames/second to ensure smooth, high quality wireless video.

The NovoPro’s built-in Ethernet port and WiFi allow for standard dual network support so that both a wired and wireless connection infrastructure can be deployed to accommodate, for example, both guest and corporate network settings. While sharing content wirelessly, data security is provided through the NovoPRO’s data encryption.

Remote management of all NovoPRO devices is possible, and Vivitek says it will provide free software upgrades.

Stand: 4-R55