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Vivitek expands home cinema offering

Vivitek has released a new professional-grade home cinema projector with full HD 1080p resolution, the fourth model of the company’s expanding portfolio of home cinema solutions.

The H5098 leverages DLP technology with BrilliantColor for accurate, long-lasting colour and improved efficiency in illumination optics to provide a wide colour gamut claimed to be capable of creating over a billion colour shades. Combined with its 2,000 ANSI lumens and RGBRGB colour wheel, the H5098 is designed to perform even in dark or ambient light environments.

This home cinema model also includes flexible installation options, as it can be fitted on the ceiling with a choice of five different lenses to cover the different projection throw ratio distances, making it ideally suited to designated cinema rooms in premium properties or for city dwellers in compact apartments. It can be incorporated easily into existing home cinema settings, while its centre lens with horizontal and vertical lens shift and quick touch lens release design further aids its easy installation.

The VividMotion frame interpolation function reduces motion judder to create a fluid and flawless video stream, providing a detailed viewing experience for fast paced films or sports games.

Users can view full HD resolution images from Blu-ray players or games consoles with dual HDMI ports to connect them simultaneously and the H5098 also allows 2D to 3D conversion.

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