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VividWorks adds VR to hybrid retail platform

VividWorks, a Cloud-based 3D visual sales solutions provider, has unveiled VividPlatform4, an omnichannel sales solution for hybrid retail.

VividPlatform4 is the latest version of the company’s customisable, Cloud-based product configuration, visualisation and sales management platform. Claimed to be the only truly omnichannel sales solution currently available, delivering photorealistic, user-friendly visualisations – on-device and in-store – successfully driving business objectives and promoting faster purchasing decisions.

VividPlatform4 offers omnichannel support, thanks to the in-store addition of today’s now mature 4K/HQR and VR head-mounted display technologies – extending existing AR capabilities and providing real-time access to VividPlatform Cloud services, with content available across all client devices with Cloud access.

The adoption of 4K and VR ‘visualisation layers’ by the VividPlatform sales solution enables a new approach to in-store showrooms, extending and complementing the platform’s AR facilities with in-store VR headsets and photorealistic 4K displays. This improves the customer engagement experience – from Web to mobile to physical AV showroom – while retaining the capability to service online shoppers and business users via existing content, visual configuration and a Cloud-based approach.

“Our new version of VividPlatform is a game-changer, a world-first,” said Jorma Palo, COO and partner at VividWorks. “The addition of VR and large photorealistic 4K display for in-store use transforms our mature and respected VividPlatform platform into the only true and pure omnichannel solution for configurable goods in the world – a first for hybrid retail. Feedback from a number of our trusted clients informed some of our decisions for VividPlatform4, and some of these customers are moving across to the updated platform in order to enjoy the new features.”