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German nightclub lit up by Prolights’ LED blinders

Astra Wash7Pix, Ruby FCX and SunRise 2L LED blinders can now be seen in action at the Go Parc in Herford

Prolights’ Astra Wash7PixRuby FCX and SunRise 2L LED blinders can now be seen in action at the Go Parc in Herford, Germany. The new devices were installed in the club by ThinkNet Konzept and Vertriebs GmbH.

Carsten Kohrs, managing director of ThinkNet, explained: “By using Prolights’ products it means that we are relying on a manufacturer who has more than 20 years of experience in development and manufacturing, and whose products can be found in renowned projects worldwide. All Prolights products combine performance and reliability with an excellent price-performance ratio. For us, the Astra Wash7Pix, Ruby FCX and SunRise 2L LED blinders were the ideal combination that we needed for the Go Parc venue in terms of lighting.”

Thanks to its compact design, the AstraWash7Pix can be easily used even with the comparatively low ceiling height in the Go Parc, and is able to implement lightning-fast movement effects, for example with dance music. Despite its small size, it has features normally only found on larger moving lights. Based on a 40w Osram RGBW LED light source, the device offers a highly efficient optical system capable of zooming from 4 to 56-degrees. This means that the Astra Wash7Pix can be used both as a beam effect and as a washer for the dance floor. The Astra Wash7Pix also features single-pixel control and can process DMX, W-DMX, Art-Net, sACN and RDM signals.

The Ruby FCX is the perfect LED replacement for discharge lamps. The very bright 2-degree beam allows impressive colours due to the highly efficient RGB LED chipset. The Ruby FCX is equipped with all the features you would expect from a moving light, such as gobos, prism, frost and endless pan and tilt rotation.

The Prolights SunRise 2L LED blinder is equipped with 2 x 85w COB LEDs with 3,100K. It offers the possibility to control each LED independently in Pixel2Pixel mode. Various dimmer curves and an independent strobe channel are also available.