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VIDA steerable array heads Kling & Freitag Prolight+Sound offering

Kling & Freitag is to show three new product lines at Prolight + Sound 2015 in Frankfurt in April: the VIDA steerable array, new power amplifiers, and additional subwoofers in the PASSIO series.

VIDA stands for Versatile Intelligent Digital Array. Targeted at both permanent installation and mobile use, the VIDA L model is a scalable, controllable and full-range-compatible line array system. Up to eight 1m modules can be connected together. Equipped with 48 DSP channels and 48 class D power amps, the VIDA L uses three different speaker paths, with six 6.5in drivers, 12 3.5in drivers and 32 individually controlled 1in dome tweeters arranged coaxially on a waveguide within the slim aluminium body.

The manufacturer states that the very high number of high-frequency drivers and their short mounting distance enable controlled and uniform coverage, even in the upper frequency band, giving VIDA L a completely new quality in beam steering.

Optionally, the 3-way module can be extended with a cardioid module (VIDA C), which significantly improves performance in the low-frequency range and in rear attenuation. The signal feed can be analogue or digital via AES 3 and Dante, with the option of redundant cabling.

Kling & Freitag will also present a new set of system power amps based on the new PLM+ and D series from Lab.gruppen. The K&F D80:4, K&F D120:4 and K&F D200:4 are mainly suitable for installations, while the K&F PLM 12k44 and K&F PLM20k44 are designed for live performances and touring. These five models cover different performance classes and come with a variety of innovations. RPM (rational power management) provides the flexibility to assign different power to each of the four output channels – this removes the need for a bridge operation later on. Other features include PFC (power factor correction), universal power adapters and various inputs – Dante (primary and secondary), AES and analogue.

Based on the newly developed Lake core modules and exclusive K&F module pre-sets, the high-performance power amps that are fitted with red front panels will be able to operate all standard K&F systems in future. The new K&F system power amps will be available from early May 2015.

Two new compact subwoofer models, PASSIO SUB 12 and PASSIO SUB 15, round off the PASSIO series. Two aspects that characterise the new systems are a passive crossover and high degree of efficiency. In addition to the combination with PASSIO (two 5in/1in), both models can also be operated at a reasonable cost with Gravis 8/12 and SONA 5/6/ 8 via the Lab.gruppen IPD-2400 system power amp. The corresponding K&F presets are available for download on the Kling & Freitag and Lab.gruppen websites.

Kling & Freitag will be exhibiting in Hall 8, Stand F 40.