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Vet waiting rooms use Camvine digital signage solution

The VetChannel, which provides services to waiting rooms in UK veterinary practices, has chosen Camvine's Cloud-based digital signage solution.

Camvine and The VetChannel have partnered to bring a new communication service to UK veterinary waiting rooms. Camvine says that pet health media owner The VetChannel is benefiting from instantaneous customer service and significantly greater operational efficiency across its new digital signage network through the integration of Camvine’s cloud-based digital signage platform, CODA, with its own media web portal using the CODA API. Rollout is currently at 100 display units across its waiting room TV network, with more to follow.

The VetChannel needed a platform that would help them transfer from a manual DVD set-up to an automated, customer-controlled network. The media owner also required a solution capable of managing multiple types of content remotely. Furthermore, it had to be easy to use and develop, and allow them to maintain the use of their own content creation systems. In 2010, after evaluating a number of software offerings on the market, CODA was selected as the system of choice for digital signage.

“We liked CODA because of the range of content it displays, and because it is flexible, fast and easy to configure,” said Jason Holmes, IT Project Supervisor, Numed Healthcare, owners of The VetChannel. When The VetChannel moved to CODA, customers were able to sign in to the web portal to create, select and edit playlists. “A process that used to take two months from content selection to running on displays was reduced to only two days,” he continued.

In 2011, the media owner focussed on expansion of the new digital signage platform and developing its service further using the CODA API. Customers can now instantly control content on screens across an extensive geographical network directly from The VetChannel’s web portal. “The ability to control hundreds of screens at the same time all from within our own web portal software is a revelation,” said Simon Healy, a director at Numed.

An essential element of CODA is said to be its open design, making it adaptable to the ever changing content and interactivity of the Internet. The CODA API is designed to be customised, allowing customers to use the CODA platform to drive displays and edit content in other ways than via the traditional CODA web site user interface. It has a regimented set of API calls, allowing customers to create, add, modify, tag and remove all basic system objects: displays, sources, playlists, users, groups, and sites. It has been created so additional capabilities can be built on top of the CODA platform by Camvine, customers and third parties.

Cloud-based digital signage is, according to Camvine, revolutionary when implemented correctly – and The VetChannel is said to be a perfect example. Key API services include easy integration with other business systems, custom web application development, automatically updating content, incorporation of other media platforms and rapid product development.