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Utelogy launches program to drive standards in UC

Utelligence standardises security, connectivity and communications in AV/UC

Utelogy Corporation, provider of control, monitoring and analytics software for workspace management, has unveiled its Utelligence Program to standardise security, connectivity and communications among AV and UC devices, to drive the industry to meet a higher level of standards-based security.

Utelogy coined the term “Utelligence” to describe the ability to capture complete and meaningful metrics that can provide the Utelogy Platform with analytics and insights.

“To build true enterprise-grade systems for the future, we aspire to manufacture Utelligence into all rooms, workspaces and systems,” said Frank Pellkofer, president and co-founder at Utelogy. “A room or system is considered ‘Utelligent’ when the devices in that space are proven to meet the standards defined by this program. These devices, and their manufacturers, will be showcased with our ‘stamp of approval’ within the U-Manage Platform.”

A major component of the Utelogy platform is device drivers. Drivers communicate with the AV hardware and UC soft codecs that Utelogy monitors, manages and controls. This is the point where metric data is first captured for use in analytics, reporting, rules processing and more. Utelogy prides itself on being able to support more than 3,000 devices with a Global Driver Library (GDL) that is growing on a weekly basis. With a richer and more robust driver, the Utelogy Platform can access more data and deliver greater control.

A Utelligent device will adhere to the following standards:

  • Uses Secure Protocols – i.e., SSH, HTTPS, WSS
  • Multi-Socket Connectivity – Supporting multiple concurrent socket connections to the same port of a device allows for scenarios when multiple platforms can communicate with the same device at the same time. For instance, Utelogy could communicate with a device to deliver management and monitoring, while an existing control platform is communicating with it as well
  • Robust API – A wide array of intelligence is delivered, particularly on the reporting side with the ability to provide information such as temperature, fan speed, signal sync, input status and physical connectivity
  • Intelligent Responses – For example, when the device is queried, the response delivered is “Temperature=22,” rather than simply replying back “22”
  • Delivers Unsolicited Status Updates – If the state of the device changes, it tells Utelogy without Utelogy needing to query or request that data

“Our goal with this program is to lead the industry to meet these new standards in partnership with many of the world’s major manufacturers, but also foster collaboration, teamwork and innovation to develop devices that exceed today’s current standards,”concluded Pellkofer.