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US school upgrades to Community Pro ENTASYS

A new Community Professional ENTASYS loudspeaker system has been installed at the Rocky Hill High School, Connecticut, US. Newington, Connecticut-based CMI Sound Systems carried out system design and installation.

The school is a four-year public high school offering a wide variety of educational, co-curricular, and extracurricular programmes. Rocky Hill’s dedicated auditorium seats 500 and is used for yearly musicals, band and choir concerts, dance recitals, faculty meetings and outside events.

Unlike many multi-purpose spaces, Rocky Hill’s auditorium has good acoustics and a permanent stage designed for theatrical performances. However, the auditorium’s sound system, which was installed many years ago, suffered from poor sound quality and feedback issues.

John Pizzoferrato of CMI Sound Systems, who had done work for the school in the past, recommended that the school upgrade the system with Community ENTASYS column loudspeakers. Pizzoferrato installed a pair of Community ENTASYS 220 loudspeakers, one on each side of the stage, and a pair of Community VLF-208LV subwoofers in recessed pockets under the stage. He added an Ashly DSP and a pair of Ashly amplifiers, while reusing the school’s existing mixer and microphones.

Pizzoferrato says the upgraded system is intelligible throughout the entire audience space and feedback has been virtually eliminated. “Now, they can walk across the stage with a lapel mic and not have feedback”, he said. The school was initially reluctant to cut holes in the stage for the subwoofers, but Pizzoferrato commented: “The subs really enhanced the fullness of the sound and the VLF-208LVs only needed small cut-outs so the school is happy with the appearance. The school had a budget for repairs, but their upgraded system performs like a new one.”