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Fine art student selects Vivitek for ‘Panorama’ video animation

University of Chichester Fine Art student Paul Benham has chosen the Vivitek D5380U-WNL high brightness projector for video animation at his end of year degree show.

The projector chosen needed to produce a high-resolution display with rich tone and installation flexibility for the artwork, titled ‘Panorama’, which was projected onto a curved screen. Benham experimented with different images and pacing in his animation, exploring the structure of film and narrative and considering the relationship between drawing and film.

Working with limited space, Benham used the D5380U-WNL to project high contrast black and white imagery in a 2:39.1 aspect and was able to produce a 230in image from a 14ft throw distance at the university’s 10-day show.

Benham commented: “I needed a high end projector capable of allowing me to project my film on a large scale, whilst delivering maximum contrast and a clear picture. I was delighted with the performance of the D5380U-WNL, which looked terrific projected onto the curved screen. It provided excellent contrast and high resolution, and was perfect for my work. The lens shift function allowed me to have the projector mounted high up, which was ideal in the space I had to work with.

“I take inspiration from early cinema using state of the art technology, simplifying the work and referencing to the basic techniques of filmmaking. Displaying fine art in a film requires precise reproduction of texture and tone, and thankfully the D5380U-WNL was able to achieve this to great effect. With the projector plugged in, I was able to adjust the image with software to ensure the projection matched the curved display perfectly.”

The D5380U-WNL offers 5,000 ANSI lumens of brightness, 2000:1 contrast ratio and a 1920×1200 WUXGA image resolution, delivering fidelity and a large screen area. With the installer in mind, the D5380U-WNL features horizontal and vertical lens shift as well as a centred lens to assist with installation and maintenance. The projector has five interchangeable lens options for flexible positioning with regard to varying screen sizes or projection distance requirements and a range of connectivity options.

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