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‘Communication is everything’: Inside Cirque Du Soleil’s Paramour with Clear-Com

The show made its European debut with Clear-Com digital wireless solutions

Cirque Du Soleil’s latest show Paramour made its European debut with an assortment of Clear-Com wireless communications solutions at its core.

Making its inaugural European outing at Hamburg’s Neue Flora theatre, Paramour saw the Cirque Du Soleil team partner with live production company Stage Entertainment. The venue was already equipped with Clear-Com’s FreeSpeak II digital wireless intercom, although it needed to be expanded to accommodate the requirements of performances like Paramour, that have increasingly complex communications needs.

Head of Stage Management, Achim Beyer, was responsible for coordinating the entire technical process throughout rehearsals and during the show.  “The role of a stage manager is to ensure that nothing happens by accident,” Beyer explained. “We have about 800 cues for each performance, so we need an absolutely reliable intercom system. Without it, we wouldn’t have a show.”

The existing system was expanded to include a comprehensive HelixNet partyline intercom system with an HKB-2X speaker station in an S-Mount, an HRM-4X remote station and several intercom user stations. HelixNet allowed the theater to connect their user stations via the XLR cable infrastructure that was already in place throughout the space. 

“We have many productions that cycle in and out of the theater,” Beyer continued. “Thanks to the flexibility and modular design of the Clear-Com system, we always have the ability to adapt our intercom to the requirements of each respective production.

“Communication is everything, especially in such a complex show with so many actors and acrobatics. We are in countless different locations during the production, and we need to talk to each other as clearly and quickly as we can. Clear-Com makes this possible and is our primary tool throughout the show.

Due to the restrictions imposed in Germany in response to COVID-19, Stage Theatre Neue Flora has been temporarily closed and the production of Paramour has been suspended. Performances will resume once the restrictions are lifted.