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Chartered accountant firm counts on DisplayNote Launcher for simple & secure meetings

Six newly fitted out meeting rooms at Bishop Fleming support hybrid and remote meetings, with DisplayNote Launcher software installed on six Clevertouch touchscreens

DisplayNote has announced that accountancy firm Bishop Fleming has invested in DisplayNote Launcher to ensure seamless communication between clients and staff.

Bishop Fleming Chartered Accountants is a dynamic accountancy firm with seven offices throughout the UK. More than 400 employees work with clients based throughout the UK and across Europe meaning simple, clear and secure communication is essential. Coupled with the accelerated adoption of hybrid working, it became vital that staff could fully participate in meetings – whether at home or in the office.

Previously this simply wasn’t possible, with Bishop Fleming CTO Andrew Yearsley describing the experience of remote meetings as sub-optimal in respect of both usability and security. To start a video conferencing call, staff needed to sign into their own account to access links, with unapproved software often installed onto the room PC. At the end of the call, staff didn’t always remember to sign out and wipe their credentials, creating the risk of sensitive or personal information being left exposed. 

For Yearsley, finding a solution that offered an intuitive experience whatever video conferencing platform clients chose to use was key: “The main problem I saw with alternatives was being tied to a single video conferencing solution. I was looking for a solution that would allow us to use any tool, whether Teams, Zoom or something else. I also wanted it to be wrapped into a nice interface, so users don’t get confused.”

Added to this challenge was the desire for a uniform video conferencing experience in meeting rooms across all sites – to support staff moving between offices and to ensure that everyone could fully participate in meetings, regardless of whether they were joining from home or in the meeting room. 

“Because we have staff moving between offices, we need to know they can transition seamlessly between them,” added Yearsley. 

When Bishop Fleming moved to a new office in Bristol in 2020, it invested in six newly fitted out meeting rooms to support hybrid and remote meetings. As part of this, DisplayNote Launcher software was installed on six Clevertouch touchscreens. 

With Launcher installed, users can easily access the full range of video conferencing platforms used by the organisation’s clients and start or join calls with just one touch. At the end of the call, Automatic Cleanup clears the user’s footprint, removing sign-in information and clearing any browsing history. This keeps all data safe and secure and meets Bishop Fleming’s need for simplicity and security.

As Yearsley said: “Launcher allows us to have an always-on kiosk. We have it locked down so users can only access the pre-approved range of video conferencing solutions along with a browser which we use for training purposes.” 

Following the success of Launcher in the six new rooms, Yearsley and his team have since rolled it out to all the organisation’s meeting rooms – 21 screens in total, including legacy non-touchscreens.

With Launcher used in Kiosk Mode set up across all sites, users benefit from a uniform meeting experience no matter their location, helping staff to move between offices with ease. They can also fully participate in meetings, regardless of where they are located, and can easily join calls regardless of the solution chosen by their clients. 

Yearsley concluded: “Launcher has simplified our meeting spaces, helping us make use of the hardware in the space. Hybrid meetings work much better than we’d anticipated. That is in no small part due to Launcher.”