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Tyréns Deploys Harman’s Martin Professional Tripix 300 LED Strips At Sweden’s Friends Arena

65-000 seat home of Sweden's national football team now benefits from low power consumption, high light output

Friends Arena, the home of Sweden’s national football team and 2013 Pro Sound Awards Finalist, is Scandinavia’s largest indoor arena and can accommodate up to 65,000 people for concerts, sports matches, and other events.

Tyréns, an urban planning consultancy, was brought in to develop a lighting plan for the various areas around the arena, including the surrounding streets, bus terminals, ramps, roundabouts, squares, lifts, and stairs. The company installed a range of coloured lighting including Harman’s Martin Professional Tripix 300 LED strips to create different effects and visual attraction.

Faced with strict budget constraints and the need for a retrofitted solution, Tyréns had to develop a creative plan to ensure the lighting fixtures were not overtly visible. In addition, the design called for low power consumption combined with high output to ensure visibility when football matches or other night events were to take place in the Friends Arena. Tyréns solved this by installing double fixtures so half can be turned off on normal days and then activated for maximum impact when the arena is full.

As part of the Tyréns solution, coloured lighting has been installed in the area around the arena. Below the ramps leading up to the arena, fixtures with colour filters cover the pillars with narrow beams and work as a complement to the street lights. The lift towers are also covered with light from Martin’s Tripix fixtures in different colours to create obvious meeting points for event attendees.

“Because Martin’s Tripix fixtures are calibrated the color of the lift towers stand pure and consistent,” said Frida Almqvist, lighting designer, Tyréns. “The fixtures are easy to maintain because of their streamlined design, and the quality is excellent.”

Martin Professional says that it and Tyréns also have several other upcoming projects. In Åkersberga, Sweden, nine Martin Tripix 300 have been installed in a subway as part of a bigger project to light dark and unsafe areas of Åkersberga. Another upcoming project is lighting for a unique fountain for the municipality of Malmö.