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Tripleplay platform streamlines comms across university

The Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) in South Africa has installed a new Tripleplay digital signage solution to fit in with its innovative campus communications strategy.

CPUT is the only university of technology in the Western Cape and, with an enrolment of over 30,000 students, is the largest university in the region. The university has six faculties offering a wide range of accredited undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the fields of applied sciences, business and management sciences, education engineering, information and design and health and wellness sciences.

“We have two large campuses at the university and needed a communication channel that would ensure uniformed communication messages across all campuses and not require students to actively seek out information,” commented Derek Stocken, SDO student communication. “We wanted to target students passively in the high traffic areas at the university and needed a system that could be instantly updated and would allow us the flexibility of communicating both general information to all students and localised faculty specific information.”

Dimension Data, an authorised Tripleplay partner, worked closely with CPUT on the integration, which included 83 screens of Tripleplay Digital Signage that spans over the two main campuses and student residences. The system is a mix of Amino Set Top Boxes with standard screens and the newer Samsung SSP System on Chip (SOC) screens and is used to communicate to over 33,000 students and faculty members.

CPUT wanted to move away from traditional paper poster displays and use digital signage as its main promotional tool as Stocken explained: “Students get bombarded with messages on campus; from posters to emails it is an information overload. Traditional printed posters on campus were often out of date and an eyesore on noticeboards and walls. A digital signage system has helped us cut through this clutter and deliver targeted, relevant and up-to-date messages to students.”

Another very important requirement was the need to broadcast live institutional events such as graduations and announcements. “Tripleplay complements our existing live streaming project, which is hugely popular and allows us to show live streams of events on all our digital signage screens,” continued Stocken. “Students don’t have to use expensive mobile data or find a computer to watch institutional events and the screens set up provide ‘overflow’ areas for big institutional events. I have several video stream encoders for our streaming project and the Tripleplay encoder is by far my favourite, it is so reliable, once set-up it just keeps on encoding video.”

After Tripleplay was installed, staff and students could see a notable difference. Much better student communication led to increased student involvement in activities advertised through the digital signage solution.

Another benefit of the Tripleplay solution is the diagnostics and screen management tools on the TripleCare platform. “With the campuses being geographically separate, it was important for me to be able to remotely control, diagnose and configure screens at other locations,” said Stocken. “We do not have enough staff to be continuously travelling to the various sites to fix problems. The Tripleplay platform enables that remote diagnostics process and has saved significant time and effort for myself and my team.”

Stocken added: “In the future, I would like to roll out screens to our remote campuses and possibly expand the system to include an IPTV service to the university. Tripleplay continues to release new features and we can upgrade our system to incorporate those through upgrades in the future. Going forward we have standardised on SOC for any new deployment, this means a simpler, ‘cleaner’ install with fewer points of failure.”