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Top tips for integrators entering the lighting market

Denmark's SGM Lighting talks LED lighting, IP65 ratings and maintenance-free fixtures.

Denmark’s SGM Lighting highlights a few key areas of consideration for integrators looking to get involved in the lighting market.

  • Consider LED every time for its many advantages; these include high output, low power consumption, greater versatility, low maintenance, economical weight and greatly reduced savings — from operational costs to truck packing.
  • Always go for a product with an IP65 rating, such as the G-Spot. Why go for an LED moving head that can only be run indoors when there is a vibrant outdoor festival season throughout the world, and arduous conditions from heavy rain to dust and sandstorms in the desert. Normally, exposure to smoke and dust from smoke machines damages conventional moving heads, while the G-Spot is equal to these challenges.
  • Be aware of fixture lifetimes. To ensure the G-Spot’s complete IP65 rating a Gore-tex pressure equalisation membrane has been fitted to equalise the air pressure. This allows air to pass through the membrane, while humidity cannot. An active (patented) dehumidification device will continuously extract internal hydrogen, maintaining a very low internal level reducing the risk of internal condensation – which in the future will be the biggest lifetime preventer for LED fixtures. Air humidity will be maintained at a minimum level by the electrolysis process of hydrogen extraction which eliminates the harmful internal condensation — thereby creating the ideal environment for electronic circuits to function within. We are no longer limited by the 50,000 hour lifetime of LED fixtures that people talk about, as the main lifetime obstacle is caused by corrosion from humidity.
  • Maintenance-free fixtures: Integrators want to be able to fit and forget. Solid state LED and sealed units, which do not suffer ingress of foreign bodies, will simply keep on working and require little more than a clean.