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TiMax runs the show at Hyper Club

Guangzhou’s Hyper Club, which is pitched as China’s most high-end consumer entertainment venue, features a d&b loudspeaker system integrated with a TiMax2 SoundHub to provide real-time audio show control.

The 3,500sqm club is spread over four floors and is defined by its European Baroque palace design, which is said to create the perfect blend of traditional values and modern culture. It hosts live shows and DJs. The main club area is situated on the ground floor and moving up, the second houses the VIP bar; the third, the Lounge Bar; until the Outdoor bar is reached at the very top.

System integrator, Dragon Studio, worked with Hong Kong distributor, SWS, to create the club’s sound system. A single d&b Ci7-Top and d&b Ci7-SUB, with a further d&b Ci-SUB, were installed into the main club for lower frequencies. These are complemented by 16 each d&b MAX, d&b MAX 12 and d&b E8, which were distributed around the main club floor. A further 16 d&b MAX 12 were deployed in the VIP area while the upstairs lounge was fitted with 14 each d&b E8 and E15X-SUBs.

Freddie To, of TiMax distributor, SWS Hong Kong, commented: “Hyper Club wanted to set itself apart on every level and the sound system with d&b speakers and TiMax SoundHub spatialisation is very sophisticated and spectacular for a club in China.”