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TiMax provides soundscape for Yokkaichi planetarium refurb

Japan’s Yokkaichi Municipal Museum has reopened following a refurbishment designed and installed by GOTO around its 8K triple head hybrid planetarium projection system. It is claimed to be the most advanced opto-mechanical projector system with the ability to display the Milky Way to magnitude 18.

For the accompanying audio soundscape, a TiMax SoundHub2 matrix was installed to provide real-time, cue-based timecode synchronisation between the planetarium’s multichannel surround audio and the ultra-high-resolution visual content.

The TiMax2 SoundHub controls routing of audio from a 24 channel small mixing console and TASCAM eight channel recorder by timecode cues, distributing both wired and wireless microphones in the mixer and a CD player, SD card player and the TASCAM multitrack recorder.

TiMax2 Soundhub distributes output via a custom controller to 13 d&b MAX12 loudspeakers and seven power amps, two d&b subwoofers, a single Meyer 650P subwoofer and a total of 44 small under floor speakers installed for sound effects. The TiMax was supplied by exclusive Japanese distributors, S.C. Alliance to GOTO.

S.C. Alliance sales director, commented: “We are very pleased to see such a prestigious installation featuring TiMax SoundHub. The supervisor of the sound system is very happy with the results. Customers and staff have commented on the effectiveness of the soundscapes, which are designed to immerse listeners into the environment of space. The audience looks very satisfied after the show so we feel the installation is a great success and will ensure many customers continue to visit.”

Photos courtesy of GOTO INC.