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Technology trends – directional audio

Acoustically-demanding applications require targeted audio solutions and this is where directional audio speakers come in to their own. We look at their use in retail stores, offices, museums, information kiosks, and other tough acoustic environments.

Acoustically-demanding applications require targeted audio solutions and this is where directional audio speakers come in to their own. Panphonics’ Sound Shower directional audio speakers produce superb audio clarity, are stylish and ultra-thin, and are easy to install in any environment. Sound Shower speakers can be found in banks, retail stores, digital signage installations, museums, information kiosks, service stations, theatres, and offices throughout the world.

The technology is ideal in audio applications that require focused, high quality sound over long distances with an even sound volume level. Take the retail environment. Directional audio speakers are ideal for use in connection with different types of in-store media systems. The speakers can be used in connection with printed advertisements and digital signage media systems or as a component in the general in-store audio systems.

Directional audio incorporated into the advertisements or screens significantly improves the stopping power of the visual advertisements and can therefore add to the effectiveness of the marketing media. Sound can be directed so that only people in the targeted area will be exposed to the media.

In open spaces and offices, even a silent conversation can be heard over long distances. Privacy Solutions by Panphonics makes it more difficult to comprehend what other people are discussing outside the immediate proximity. Directive audio elements create very precisely limited sound fields within which the clarity of outside conversation is weakened significantly. Customers waiting for service can be surrounded by entertaining media while securing the privacy of those being served.

Focused background serves to mix sounds, while not interfering with discussions in open service areas or negotiating spaces. In large open waiting areas, the Panphonics is able to produce intelligible sound with low volumes so that the general sound level rise in the space is kept at a minimal level. Directional audio can be focused to particular areas in open spaces, eg children’s entertainment centres.

Museums are typically very difficult acoustical environments. With conventional technology the audio signal is emitted from the source almost uncontrollably. This causes unwanted reflections and thus makes the sound very unintelligible. Sound from the Panphonics audio elements attenuates very slowly with distance and therefore much lower volumes can be used for same intelligibility.

Due to the directivity of the sound, there are much less unwanted reflections and the overall audio environment can be made much more pleasant. Moreover, audio from the Panphonics elements can be directed exactly to particular spots within the space. This can be done either directly or even by reflecting the signal from other surfaces like ceilings, walls etc.