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Tate Britain restaurant gets ‘unique’ Genelec install

The Rex Whistler Restaurant within the Tate Britain art gallery has undergone a Genelec speaker install, described as one of the most unique by HHB Communications.

The 12 Genelec 4020C monitors specified sit alongside two RØDE Performer Link microphone systems and bespoke control system will be instantly available and on-hand for numerous events held at the venue.

The restaurant, once described as ‘The most amusing room in Europe’, is surrounded by an eye-catching mural, ‘The Expedition in the Pursuit of Rare Meats.’ The historic mural, painted by Royal Academy student and iconic artist, Rex Whistler at the age of 22 in 1927, covers the entire restaurant creating a unique dining backdrop for visiting patrons.

Due to the delicate surroundings, HHB Communication’s chief technology officer, John Johnson was only too aware that this would not be a regular run-of-the-mill installation. “This is probably one of the most unique and delicate installations we have carried out in HHB’s history,” said Johnson. Extra consideration for the conservation of the mural was paramount, as was the discreet and non-invasive installation and positioning of the Genelec speakers.

The installation occurred over the course of three days with Tate’s conservation manager, and catering general manager on hand to assist HHB’s John Johnson and senior support engineer, Mike Rigby at all times. Once completed, Johnson and Rigby thoroughly tested the monitors, trained staff and offered full support throughout the entire process.

Catering general manager for Tate Britain, Matthew Randall commented: “Working with the team at HHB was a pleasure throughout the process, the team’s professionalism and sensitivity to this project in an historically important space was impeccable. We are delighted with the final result which will add real polish to the space and enhance our special events offering. We look forward to continuing the strong relationship we have with the team at HHB”.

When it came to speaker selection for the installation, John Johnson explained: “The Genelec 4020C installation speaker and associated mounting hardware accessories were specifically designed with challenging commercial installations in mind. Combine that with an unbeatable reputation for outstanding sonic delivery made them the perfect choice for this space. We’re delighted with the outcome, as are Tate Britain.”