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Swiss concert theatre modernises with Stage Tec console update

The Konzert Theatre Bern in Switzerland has partnered with Stage Tec installing two large AURUS platinum consoles and a NEXUS audio network to replace two CANTUS systems, fitted in 1999 as the first digital consoles in Switzerland.

As primary and secondary desks in a NEXUS audio network the CANTUS consoles mixed the audio for opera, drama, ballet and concert performances. Now two AURUS platinum, each with 32 faders have been installed. The mixing consoles are equipped with five RMDQ DSP boards for greater performance. One AURUS platinum is installed in sound production on the second floor, the second console is portable and can be located in the auditorium when required. One of the advantages is that the Tonmeister can assess the mix for musicals and concerts from the audience perspective.

The NEXUS audio network with seven Base Devices and a STAR router was replaced completely and fitted with powerful modules to accommodate current requirements. In addition to routing audio, NEXUS also distributes all the monitor feeds to the various departments such as sound, lighting, stage equipment and stage management as well as the alarm in case of emergency.

Both portable NEXUS Base Devices can be installed right at the heart of the event enabling maximum flexibility and supporting creative direction ideas. For example, the Konzert Theatre Bern has its own choir room, which is used frequently for live choral performances if the stage is too crowded.

“Our goal was to create a sound department that meets all the demands of our wide-ranging production repertoire, be it opera, dance, drama or musical”, explained Bruno Benedetti, head of audio engineering at the Konzert Theatre Bern. “Stage Tec was the ideal partner, because with the new AURUS consoles and the new NEXUS network we were able to modernise the existing equipment – without sacrificing quality or operational reliability.”