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Stealth Acoustics goes undercover in London penthouse

Invisible speaker brand Stealth Acoustics at heart of multi-room audio system in luxury penthouse in Clerkenwell, London.

A recently-built luxury penthouse in Clerkenwell, London has been equipped with a comprehensive multi-room audio system, courtesy of specialist integrator Olive Audio Visual, featuring high-performance invisible speaker brand Stealth Acoustics.

Property developer Mount Anvil briefed award-winning firm Olive Audio Visual to create an impressive and fully integrated audio/visual and home automation solution for this smart, three-bedroom London penthouse. As a show apartment for the company’s upcoming developments on City Road and other high-end builds across London, the property needed to excite potential investors and purchasers. Olive Audio Visual wasted no time in collaborating with interior designer Brill to seamlessly combine the AV technology with its modern apartment aesthetic.

Brill sought to maintain a very clean ceiling appearance, complete with flush-fitted downlights. They were clear that in-ceiling speaker grilles, typically a feature in traditional multi-room audio systems, were not part of that aesthetic. In addition, the joinery design of the apartment prevented in/on wall speaker placement. Knowing this element of the brief, Olive Audio Visual specified the LR series of Stealth Acoustics invisible speakers to be used in the ceiling of the lounge to create a high quality yet beautifully concealed surround-sound solution. In addition, LR and SLR series of Stealth Acoustic invisibles were also used in the kitchen, dining room, hallway and all three bedrooms, including en suites.

Offering impressive frequency dispersion and a balanced soundstage, the LR and SLR series from Stealth utilise a completely hidden speaker design, ideally suited to minimalist custom installs. The units can be painted, plastered, wallpapered and even wood covered, without any degradation in sound quality or performance.

“The high-quality audio reproduction of Stealth units is a major plus point,” comments Mark Reynolds, head of technical services at Olive Audio Visual. “With dispersion characteristics well suited to an in-ceiling surround sound setup, the Stealth speakers proved a resounding success for the project. What’s more, because the speakers can be painted over it makes it very easy for the building contractor to feather the plaster up to the concealed unit, making installation very simple and exactly what the interior designer was after.”

Several Stealth MBX back boxes were also used to securely mount the speakers prior to installation. As well as providing solid fixing points for the speaker surrounds, the all-metal boxes also help to improve low frequency performance of the units.

The full range of Stealth Acoustics products for the custom installation sector, including invisible speakers, weatherproof external speakers and amplifiers are supplied exclusively in the UK by leading CI distributor Genesis Technologies.