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Sony on the rise of 4K in hospitality

Sony Professional Europe product manager Thomas Issa provides insight on what AV technology can do for hospitality venues and current themes across the sector.

In which parts of the hospitality industry can well-specified, well-installed AV equipment make the biggest contribution to the success of a venue (hotel, bar, restaurant etc.)?

Hotels, bars and restaurants have, for a long time now, used AV installations to entertain customers, provide them with a more visually engaging experience and immerse them in an exciting environment. They expect a successful AV solution to deliver an additional level of engagement, at multiple points, all of which capture the attention of their customers, augmenting and adding to their experience.

Recent developments in the market have taken the quality of AV to new levels, and venue managers have realised the huge potential to increase interaction. Through displaying a broad range of compelling content that helps venues develop their business offering, it allows them to increase revenue through engaging promotions on high quality displays.

The introduction of 4K technology for displays has raised the expectations of these venue managers. Hand in hand with their desire for the highest possible quality, they are also looking for solutions which deliver the greatest ROI and lowest TCO.

Which technologies – rather than specific products – are you seeing increased demand for in hospitality venues?

Professional 4K displays and laser projection are some of the key technologies in demand for these venues.

Hotels, bars and restaurants are looking to AV solutions to create a more engaging way for communication, promotions and advertising on their premises. Traditional advertising surfaces, such as posters and signs no longer satisfy the demands of today’s always-on consumers but installing interactive displays or laser projectors allow managers to create a much more engaging experience.

To what extent are hospitality venues having to raise their game because of developments in consumer technology?

As 4K fast becomes the new standard, consumers expect an incredibly high standard of AV experience regardless of the setting. Research from Futuresource Consulting (July 2015) predicts that in 2018, 4K 60in flat panels will account for 80% of the consumer flat panel market.

With this in mind, hotel, bar and restaurant managers are increasingly installing the latest professional technologies available in the market to show customers that they are catering to their appetite for quality images.

The latest 4K professional displays are ideal for digital signage – for example, with TDM Digital Signage hospitality managers can blend text, graphics, video, social media feeds and other live web content to design impressive multimedia messages and create an immersive end-user experience.

Tell us about a recent installation project that highlights Sony’s expertise in the hospitality sector.

Spanish interactive media specialists AVC wanted to create a flexible, interactive, high-impact advertising solution, to attract Ibiza’s visitors, venues and businesses.

AirBlocks, part of the AVC Media Group, selected slim, energy-saving Sony displays as part of a state-of-the-art interactive wireless solution to provide Ibiza party-goers with a digital information hub, delivering the latest information on nights out as well as premium advertising content from lifestyle and FMCG companies. AirBlocks and Sony utilised a fully integrated digital platform consisting of digital screens, free WiFi solutions and Mobile Apps.

Clubbers can engage with targeted ads and on-screen promotions via their mobile, creating a brand new category in inspiring, socially-connected experiential marketing.

AirBlocks has already partnered with 31 of Ibiza’s world-famous bars and nightclubs including Space, Ocean Beach Club and Es Paradis.

Steve Loftus, managing director, AVC Media Group: “The latest public displays have enabled us to provide a long term solution that is both cost-effective and eco-friendly, allowing us to realise our ambitions of digitising the outdoor advertising industry in Ibiza and enhancing the experience for those on the White Isle. We’re the first company to target what is a key group for advertisers when they are concentrated in one place and serve them relevant, targeted marketing they can absorb in a social environment.”

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