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Sommer Cable releases Tempoflex

The range of rugged high-temperature microphone cables is intended for stage use.

As its name suggest, Tempoflex is designed to operate within a very broad temperature range of between -20°C and +110°C.

Designed to address the practice of stage technicians allowing microphones to dangle from trusses, Tempoflex incorporates a pair of conductors with thin 0.34 mm² copper litz wires. Braided around them are several Kevlar strain relief elements inside a jacket with a special TPE SP moulded sheath (Ø 7.3 mm) provided sufficient strength to carry the weight of a microphone.

The braided screen is made of aluminised fleece and tinned copper mesh wound at a ‘motion-optimised’ angle so that the cable reels easily onto a drum for mobile applications – as well as permanent installations.