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SMART solution for Spanish school

A range of SMART boards, Notebooks and document cameras are being employed to assist students with behavioural problems.

When the Jacint Verdaguer public school in Castelldefels, Barcelona experienced a considerable increase in the incidence of students with potential behavioural problems it turned to technology to help out.

All its classroom are equipped with a range of SMART Boards, Notebooks and document cameras. In total the school has nine SMART Board interactive whiteboards, four SMART Document Cameras and one SMART Table . The facility’s teaching methodology has changed and the impact this has had on students and staff has been extremely positive. Before the introduction of IWBs, students were reticent to go to the front of the class or show their work. Now they are keen to interact and collaborate.

“The teachers discovered that we had to change our role in the classroom, becoming a guide for the students,” comments Gloria Ruiz, school principal. “We have converted teacher-centered classes into participative classes. By doing so it has become easier to hold the concentration of the students and to maintain a greater level of harmony.”